Difference Between a Weight Gainer and Whey Protein Shakes

weight gainer vs whey protein

Things To Watch Out For In All Protein Shakes

Adding a protein shake to your workout routine can give you an energy bump to keep rolling into the rest of your day and reduce post-workout aches and pains. However, if your exercise program is targeted toward weight loss, stick with the lighter whey protein shake.

Whey protein shakes contain milk, a common allergen. Additionally, if you buy pre-mixed shakes, check labels for any peanut derivatives or bananas, also common allergens. Some allergic responses can be life-threatening, so monitor ingredients carefully. Additionally, no supplement or shake is a good substitute for staying hydrated. Water is best during the workout, so you can enjoy your protein shake after.

Adding a Whey Protein Shake To Your Diet

While protein shakes used to only be for body builders, many brands are marketing to anyone hoping to reduce their caloric intake, increase satiety after workouts, and build some lean muscle mass. Whey protein shakes are often enriched with additional vitamins and minerals, offering a bigger nutritional boost than just protein.

Increasing protein intake while lowering caloric intake is easy with the right whey protein powder. Most of these powders provide about 100 calories per scoop, but will fill you up post workout and keep your energy high. Adding either water or non-fat almond milk will keep your drink under 150 calories. Many flavors of whey protein are now available, include vanilla, chocolate, mango, and various berries. In short, adding a whey protein shake to your daily routine can make it easier to reach your weight loss goals and help your hard-working body build muscle. Without activity, protein shakes alone won’t build muscle.

If you want more bulk in your shake, consider one of the creative and delicious protein shakes featured on BodyBuilding.com. These shakes are made with low- or no-fat dairy products, non-fat milk, fresh fruit and protein powder. While some of the ingredients may bump up the calorie count, you’ll still enjoy a filling post-workout drink loaded with nutrients and sized to get your day off to a great start.

Adding A Weight Gainer Shake To Your Routine

The point of a weight gainer shake is to provide you with a heavy dose of nutrients and calories following a hard workout. Weight gainers contain significantly more protein than whey shakes; in fact, three times as much. But where weight gainers really pack a punch is in caloric content, fat and carbs. While much of the United States is working to lose weight (or at least thinking about it) weight gainer shakes can be a healthy way to add calories if you struggle to put on weight.

Whey protein powder is a common ingredient in many weight gainer shakes, and is often featured in homemade high calorie protein shakes. Whole milk, peanut butter and heavy cream also add to this calorie dense concoction.

Professionally Made Weight Gainer Shakes offer dedicated fitness fans, intent on putting on some pounds, the chance to add clean calories to their diets instead of an excess of sugar or heavy saturated fats.

Health Concerns Around Weight Gainer Shakes

Weight gainer shakes are loaded with calories. If you’re not working hard to burn through those calories while building muscle, you will collect fat. This is hard on the circulatory system and may cause high blood pressure, putting your brain at risk.

If you’re working to build muscle, you will need more calories. The standard necessary caloric intake to promote weight gain while working out runs from 2,200 to 3,200 calories per day. As possible, try to add extra calories over the course of your day for healthy weight gain.

Additional concern around weight gainers is creatine. While small doses are not unsafe, a high dose habit of creatine can be very hard on your kidneys. If you’re already taking ibuprofen to help with pain, monitor the labels of your weight gainer shakes and avoid high doses of creatine.

Protein shakes are here to stay. With so many people working hard to build healthier, stronger bodies so they can enjoy a bright future, developing a protein shake habit is a great way to add an easy to consume nutrient boost to your day.

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